Who are we?
Point Cook Presbyterian Church (PCPC) is a Reformed, Bible-believing, evangelical congregation, which is part of the wider Presbyterian Church of Victoria (PCV) and the Presbyterian Church of Australia (PCA).
What is this Church’s history?
The Presbyterian Church of Victoria had seen how quickly Point Cook and the surrounding area was growing, so it decided to start a new Church in the area in 2012.
The congregation’s first Pastor, Peter Owen, was appointed to lead the new work. He began full time ministry here in January 2013. Peter has over 20 years of experience in helping establish new congregations.
Our Church is here for the long term and is trusting God that he will build a vibrant, Christ centred and Gospel centred congregation to serve God and the local community.
Our denomination.
The PCV has its historical roots in the Church of Scotland which was reformed in Scotland in 1560. The PCV was founded in Victoria in 1859 when certain groups of Presbyterian churches came together to form one body. Also, the PCV is federated with Presbyterian Churches in the other states and is part of the Presbyterian Church of Australia (PCA). The PCA was formed in 1901 when the various state Presbyterian Churches came together to form one national body. The formation of the national Church was timed to coincide with Australia becoming a Federation in 1901.
What do we believe?
The Bible is our Church's 'Supreme Rule of Faith and Life'. But also, like most other Presbyterian and/or Reformed churches around the world, the PCA has a confession of faith called the ‘Westminster Confession of Faith’, which is a summary of what we believe the Bible teaches.
All are welcome. We’d love to see you.

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